April 20, 2017

Ground Segment


Prisma’s ground segment included the following elements:

  • Operation Control Centre
  • Mission Control Centre (MCC)
  • Parallel Data Centre (PDC)

The ground segment architecture is illustrated on the figure below:

PRISMA Ground Segment

International partners’ ground segments (DLR, DTU, CNES) were connected to the MCC in Solna via the RAMSES network. Distant access to the RAMSES database was possible via the internet, for routine operations which didn’t require a permanent presence at the MCC.


The Ffiord ground segment was a set of tools necessary to plan the experiments (including programming, simulations and validation), to monitor and analyse the satellites’ behaviour during the experiment (data processing and visualisation, etc.), and to assess the FFRF sensor’s performance.

It includes two main parts:

  • the Ffiord Mission Centre (FMC), connected to the SSC centre either from Solna (FMC-S: Ffiord Mission Centre in Solna) or Toulouse (FMC-T: Ffiord Mission Centre in Toulouse)
  • dedicated tools used in Toulouse for data post-processing (raw GPS data, etc.)

The FFIORD System and its relations to the PRISMA system
The Ffiord system and its connections to the Prisma system