November 4, 2014

Detailled agenda of FFIORD/PRISMA seminar

Detailled agenda of FFIORD/PRISMA seminar


  • 9h30 FFIORD Mission objectives

  • 9h50 FFIORD experiment description and result synthesis

  • 9h50 PRISMA and FFIORD description

  • 10h25 Experiment scenarii description

  • 10h40 FFRF description and result synthesis

  • 11h00 GNC description and result synthesis

  • 11h30 PAUSE

  • 11h45 Others innovations

  • 11h45 Software development process

  • 12h00 Operational concept description

  • 12h20 COCKTAIL

  • 14h00 Concerned thematics and missions

  • 14h00 Astrophysics

  • 14h15 Mars Sample Return

  • 14h45 FFIORD demonstration vs thematics and missions

  • 15h05 Conclusion - Discussions